August 2008 - Steve Barkley

Several Oregon Districts Prepare for Coaching

I recently worked in three Oregon School Districts as they invested in professional development to maximize the value of coaching programs. The following piece from Joellen Killion in the Winter […]

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Advisors and Mentors: Using Open Questions and Confirmatory Paraphrases

I have been working with the principal, Charlie McDaniel, of the new East Ridge Middle School (ERMS) in Lake County, FL. The administrative and guidance leadership of the school worked […]

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The Principal/Coach Partnership

I had another of those weeks where several projects that I am working on run together or overlapped. I am preparing to facilitate a training for the Arkansas Department of […]

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Engagement for Students and Teachers

In a recent article in Education Week (July 16, 2008) Engagement is the Answer, Joseph Renzulli,, suggests schools need to adopt a new guiding principle, “No Child Left Bored”. […]

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Partnership Principles and Coaching

While presenting at the National Staff Development Council’s Summer Conference, I had the opportunity to attend a research presentation by Dr. Jim Knight, from the University of Kansas Center for Research […]

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