July 2008 - Steve Barkley

Walkthroughs and Coaching

When I am doing coaching training within a school district that is conducting walkthroughs, I am often asked if walkthroughs are a form of coaching. My usual response is,”It depends.” […]

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Should Parenting Training be a 21st Century Skill for our Students?

The Partnership for 21st Century Skills has defined a frame work for 21st century learning. They believe our core subjects should be broadened and deepened with interdisciplinary themes that explore:*Global […]

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Peer Coaching: Umbrella or Skeleton

When describing to teachers that a peer coaching program is not ”another thing”, I often suggest that it is a tool… an umbrella under which many of our existing programs […]

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Need for Direction

Those of you who have attended my workshops or read my book, Tapping Student Effort…..Increasing Student Achievement, know that I focus on the need for students to have a “picture […]

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The Academy for Educators

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