March 2008 - Steve Barkley

More Learning in Live Events

In workshops and presentations on Tapping Student Effort and Learning Styles, I often discuss the power of teachers using Live Events to deepen student motivation and effort. In Live Events, most learning style preferences are naturally present. Live Events are often project based learning activities where the outcome of the event has a real consequence. […]

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Responding to Resistance

In the last two postings, Resistance in Coaching Conferences and Using Questions in Coaching Conferences, I’ve explored the need to uncover agendas and sometimes resistance before moving to problem solving in coaching conferences. In this post we will explore responding to resistance that has been identified. Paraphrasing, active listening, is a good step to confirm […]

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Using Questions in Coaching Conferences

In last week’s posting, I described the process of uncovering agenda and working with any resistance before moving into problem solving conversations. I was asked in a recent coaches’ training session to model my thinking out loud about questions as I applied it to a coaching scenario. Here is the scenario, my thinking and the […]

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Resistance in Coaching Conferences

In coach’s training, I often present a structure for planning and reflecting on conferences that are focused on bringing about change:AgendaResistanceProblem Solving First, identifying the teacher’s agenda (What are the emotions and thinking behind the teacher’s actions?). Often as the agenda is revealed, resistance is uncovered. It is then critical to work through the resistance […]

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Learning While Teaching

I recently attended the Association for the Advancement of International Education 42nd Annual Conference in NYC. Most of the attendees were administrators at International Schools around the world. I participated in a session conducted by Stacey Rainey, who works with Microsoft Corporation and has responsibility for the Microsoft School of the Future in Philadelphia. She […]

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