February 2008 - Steve Barkley

Teaching and Learning…Brain-Based

In earlier posts, I have spoken about the need to focus on the student behaviors that are most likely to produce the student achievement that teachers, administrators and schools desire. I have recommended that school leadership teams do a backwards planning process (see Oct 21 blog), first identifying the student achievement that they desire, then […]

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Exploring Beliefs in Practice

What follows is an email exchange I recently had with a coach who has been in several days of training with me and has spent time studying Questions for Life as a tool for facilitating conversations. Your questions are critical tools for exploring teachers beliefs and their impact on teaching decisions. Kate wrote:Our school adopted […]

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Mentoring and Student Achievement

I recently spent an afternoon with the mentor teachers at St Mary’s County Public Schools in Maryland. Prior to my presentation Jeff Maher, the director of professional development, reviewed the results of a recent survey of beginning teachers regarding the time, type of activities, and quality of mentoring they were receiving. Jeff celebrated the results […]

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Growth Mindset and Effort

Another coaching colleague provided our “ponder question” for today. Hi Stephen, I am one of the reading teachers who has been attending your coaching sessions in Fairfax County, VA. The other day something happened that gave me such a huge connection to something we discussed at our last meeting with you, so I wanted to […]

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The Academy for Educators

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