November 2007 - Steve Barkley

Motivating Students

I was recently notified that an article based on my presentation at last summer’s High Schools That Work Staff Development Conference has been published in an online newsletter titled Making Grading and Instructional Changes to Motivate Diverse Groups of Students to Learn. The newsletter contains several reports from middle and high school educators who have […]

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Teachable Moments From Rome

I recently presented at the Mediterranean Association of International Schools (MAIS) Annual Conference (Carpe Diem; Seizing the Teachable Moments) in Rome and had the opportunity to hear a keynote by Dr. William Durden, President of Dickinson College in Carlisle, PA. His presentation, A Few Things that “Need Fixed” in Precollegiate Education (with accompanying solution!), generated […]

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What is Student Achievement?

Many of the school improvement, coaching and leadership sessions that I facilitate at some point explore the definition of student achievement that drives the work of the school and teachers. I find two approaches that often emerge. Some schools and educators see the state standard as their goal. Others have a broader, richer picture, and […]

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Learning Styles and Motivation

I found a connection this week between two of my presentations on learning styles and a book review for The Motivation Breakthrough. First, I had the opportunity to spend three days with 4th and 5th grade students, along with their teachers and parents, examining the results of the students’ Kaleidoscope Learning Style profiles. Dr. Christiana […]

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The Academy for Educators

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