September 2007 - Steve Barkley

The Needs of Beginning Teachers and How Mentors Respond

I was recently stranded overnight and then delayed while traveling to Rochester, NY to conduct a two day training for Mentors. I called my colleague, Sandra Fink, who lives close […]

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Middle School Advisory

I was recently asked to facilitate a middle school (grades 6, 7, 8- 720 students) leadership team as they developed plans for a newly implemented advisory program. They had decided […]

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Time and Incentives for Peer Coaching

As a staff developer, consultant, school reformer, and change agent, I have frequently seen educators “give up” trying to be leaders and innovators because they needed time and, after looking […]

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My Latest Read: Mindset…The New Psychology of Success

This book, Mindset… The New Psychology of Succes, by Dr Carol S Dweck examines the impact of a fixed or growth mindset regarding ability: (Dweck pg 6-7) Fixed mindset– believing […]

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Collaboration Between 8th and 9th Grades

During a recent workshop that I did for the Arkansas Department of Education, I was working with Professional Learning Teams from each school in a district. As we explored collaboration […]

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