August 2007 - Steve Barkley

Tapping Student Effort…Increasing Student Achievement

Teachers don’t cause student achievement…students cause student achievement. Do you agree? If so, then the teachers’ effort should be spent generating student effort. This is where the efforts of trainers and coaches are focused. Here are five strategies to get you started exploring effort with your students and generating your own ideas: #1 Have students […]

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What Skills Do Employees Need?

A recent advertisement in Training Magazine connected with an observation I made while facilitating a two day administrators conference for an urban school district. The ad was titled “When Technical Skills Aren’t Enough:6 Critical Skills Your Employees Need Today.”ESI International states, “Current business realities such as outsourcing, mergers, and the need to align technology with […]

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Teacher Collaboration

I recently presented to school administrators at the Millsaps College Principal’s Academy(MS) and The College of William and Mary’s School Leadership Institute (VA). At both sessions, we examined the following belief statement. Increased teacher collaboration produces increased student achievement.As principals, how does that belief fit into your approach to school leadership? As a teacher, how […]

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Quality Teaching in a Culture of Coaching

I recently had the opportunity to present for the Florida Sterling Council’s 15th Annual Sterling Conference: Maximize Your Return, in Orlando. The Florida Sterling Council, which is located in the Executive Office of the Governor, is a not-for-profit organization that promotes and recognizes the use of a proven management system to drive and sustain best-in-class […]

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The Academy for Educators

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