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School Leaders: Getting Teacher Input or Empowering Teachers

In an earlier blog from August 2017, I explored the topic of leaders empowering PLCs. I included in that blog lists from Mindsteps identifying compliant and engaged students and suggested that the same descriptors could apply to PLCs. Compliant Learners: Follow directions with minimal prompting. Timely complete explicit procedures. Focus on task completion. Respond to straightforward questions […]

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Teaching and Learning Through Analysis

Analysis frequently precedes appraisal, evaluation, or problem solving. When analyzing we are separating into parts, groups or elements. Often a generalization or understanding will emerge from an analysis. We think in generalities, but we live in detail. — Alfred North Whitehead When word problems stump students, it is often because they believe they should be […]

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Teachers Observing Teaching

How do we get teachers to be more open to observing in each other’s classrooms and discussing their thoughts and ideas with each other to create increased teacher learning leading to greater student achievement? Many school leadership teams need to explore strategies that decrease teachers’ reluctance to making teaching more public and teachers’ discussions more […]

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Administrators’ and Instructional Coaches’ Involvement in PLCs

From time to time, I am asked about how administrators should be involved in Professional Learning Communities (PLCs). I’ve written an earlier blog, and recorded a podcast, on administrators supporting or hijacking PLCs. I have continually proposed that PLCs should be empowering teachers, but in too many schools are often a compliance activity.  (See blog: Empowering […]

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Driving Action from Mission and Vision

A recent post from Seth Godin led me to reflect on leading others and guiding my own actions with reflection on mission and vision. Godin’s post titled, Hiding from the Mission, describes two ways that one hides: “Refusing to be clear and precise about what the mission is. Avoiding specifics about what we hope to […]

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Facilitating Conversations: Empowering Teams

Conversations among teachers are critical to real change occurring in classrooms. Instructional coaches and teacher leaders are often tasked with facilitating team or PLC conversations that lead to actions to  increase student success. Margaret Wheatley states on her website: “One of the things we need to learn is that very great change starts from very […]

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