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Identifying Evidence for Progress on Process

I recently worked with a group of teacher leaders who were preparing to have PLC teams identify evidence of progress that was present or missing from their year-long PLC goal. Initially their only focus was on student assessments. I asked them to consider evidence regarding how the process they planned had been implemented as well. […]

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In a Smart Brief post, Cultivate coachability with these 5 mindsets, Julie Winkle Giulioni describes five mindsets that, “help others realize their potential, perform optimally and engage in continuous learning”: The relational mindset-prioritizing the human connection. The listening mindset-creating the space for others to reflect. The growth mindset-promoting effort and praising persistence. The accountability mindset-helping others […]

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Why Teams?

The following is excerpted from an article I wrote for the InterED publication of AAIE, The Association for the Advancement of International Education: Leading with Teams: Today’s Leadership Requirement. (You can find the entire article here. ) My career as an educator was birthed, incubated, nurtured, developed and seasoned on teams. My student teaching was a […]

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Looking at Climate and School Culture from Another Lens

My attention was caught by a New York Times post titled, What Parents Can Learn from a Town That Produced 11 Olympians,  by Karen Crouse, a New York Times sportswriter and the author of Norwich: One Tiny Vermont Town’s Secret to Happiness and Excellence. Crouse shares that what she began writing as a sports book […]

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Administrators’ and Instructional Coaches’ Involvement in PLCs

From time to time, I am asked about how administrators should be involved in Professional Learning Communities (PLCs). I’ve written an earlier blog, and recorded a podcast, on administrators supporting or hijacking PLCs. I have continually proposed that PLCs should be empowering teachers, but in too many schools are often a compliance activity.  (See blog: Empowering […]

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Exploring Feedback

Chapter Seven in The Leader’s Guide to Coaching in Schools, by John Campbell and Christian van Nieuwerburgh is titled Creating the Right Context for Feedback. In this chapter, the authors stress that creating an environment for growing and learning means a focus on learning how to receive and give feedback positively. I have written previously […]

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