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Teacher Professional Development Resources

Continuous teacher growth is the driving force behind continuous student achievement. I posted a blog titled, There Is No Mountaintop, to illustrate that every year a teacher’s learning from the previous year can advance his/her skills and positively impact student learning. In addition, this new learning opens the door to new questions and ideas. If you place everything you know about teaching and learning inside of a balloon, the outside of the balloon represents areas for future learning.


  1. Professional Learning for Student Achievement
  2. What are the dual roles of teaching that coaches must address in their work?


  3. How can a year-long Professional Development plan help school leaders and teachers?



  1. Educator Learning for Student Learning: Coaching Impact
  2. Leadership Teams
  3. Feedback for Students and Teachers
  4. Focusing on Learning
  5. Scaling Teachers Up or Cutting Them Loose?
  6. PLCs and Coaching for Teacher and Student Learning
  7. Nurturing Teachers’ Curiosity
  8. Value from Coaching and Collaboration
  9. Teachers Using What They Know To Increase Student Learning
  10. Moving Learning Walk Insights to Teacher Change
  11. Teachers’ Peer Observations: Reflecting and Learning
  12. International School Leadership Opportunity
  13. Working & Learning Online With Steve Barkley
  14. Case Study: The Austin Independent School District
  15. Motivation: Feeling Great About the Work You Are Doing
  16. Exploring Feedback
  17. Empathy and Leadership
  18. Teachers’ Soft Skills: Critical to School Success
  19. Looking at Climate and School Culture from Another Lens
  20. Administrators’ and Instructional Coaches’ Involvement in PLCs


  1. Podcast: Maximizing Learning
  2. Comfortable with Discomfort
  3. Warm Demanders
  4. Designing the Environment
  5. Reading Student Engagement
  6. Dilemma of Grades
  7. Developing Critical Soft Skills
  8. The Power of Optimism Pt. 1
  9. The Power of Optimism, Part 2
  10. Compelling Why’s
  11. Developing Critical Soft Skills
  12. From the Pool to the Classroom
  13. Tapping Student Effort – Pictures of Success
  14. Celebrating a School Success
  15. Technology: Teaching & Learning


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