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Instructional Coaching Resources

Instructional coaching positions have been added to many school leadership teams as an effort to support teacher growth in order to enhance student learning. This professional development strategy facilitates change, improves teacher instruction, and helps to transform school culture. How coaches interact with school leadership and with teachers directly impacts their ability to increase student success rates.

Key Books:

  1. Instructional Coaching With End in Mind
  2. Quality Teaching in a Culture of Coaching
  3. Questions for Life


  1. Questioning Skills in Coaching


  2. Types of Coaching


  3. Communication Skills for Coaches


  4. A Culture of Coaching


  5. Defining Instructional Coaching


  6. Coaching with a Focus on Student Behavior


  7. Elements of the Principal/Coach Partnership: Presenting the Coach’s Role to the Staff


  8. Words of Coaches: What are important words for coaches to use?


  9. What are the dual roles of teaching that coaches must address in their work?



  1. Coaching Questions: Going Slow to Go Fast
  2. Educator Learning for Student Learning: Coaching Impact
  3. Dialogue in Coaching Conferences
  4. Building a Coaching Culture
  5. PLCs and Coaching for Teacher and Student Learning
  6. Creating Trust for Coaching
  7. Instructional Coaching and School Improvement Plans
  8. Encouraging the Coaching Conversation
  9. Value from Coaching and Collaboration
  10. Coaching from Teachers’ Agendas
  11. A Culture of Coaching (Part 2)
  12. A Culture of Coaching (Part 1)
  13. Matching Coaching Actions to Teachers’ Developmental Stages
  14. Vulnerability and Team Building
  15. Facilitating Conversations: Empowering Teams
  16. Request Coaching on Your Words
  17. Promoting Coachability
  18. Coaches’ Listening Skills
  19. Coaching: Athletes, Students, Teachers
  20. Teaching & Coaching Student Effort
  21. Promoting Coachability
  22. The Work of Instructional Coaches
  23. Teaching and Coaching Student Effort
  24. Coaching Outstanding Teachers


  1. Comfort with Discomfort
  2. Importance of Collaborative Culture
  3. Heavy Coaching
  4. Evaluation or Coaching?
  5. Coaching Questions: Going Slow to Go Fast
  6. Everyone Deserves a Coach
  7. Desired Learning Outcomes Driving Instructional Decisions
  8. Instructional Coach & Principal as Partners
  9. Coaching Teachers: the Unaware, the Starting, the Developing, & the Unwilling
  10. Examining the Impact of Coaching
  11. Promoting Coachability
  12. An Interview with Karen Crouse
  13. Choosing Your Words While Coaching
  14. Instructional Coaches Creating a Culture for Coaching
  15. The Definition and Purpose of Instructional Coaching
  16. The Coach Approach to School Leadership
  17. Coaches: Dealing With Resistance
  18. Differentiating Coaching
  19. Making the Most of Instructional Coaches
  20. Reflecting on Scaffolding
  21. Paraphrasing to Build Communication in Coaching

Other Resources:

  1. Instructional Coach and Principal Partnership Webinar with Steve Barkley

Professional Development and Graduate Courses:

  1. Instructional Coaching Micro-Credential
  2. Instructional Coaching Online Graduate Class Through PLS Classes